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How to use AdvicePro to streamline your Audits

This session was open to all Law Centres members. We were kindly joined by Deborah Hughes Johnston, Quality Assurance Officer / NIAQS Independent Auditor from Law Centres Northern Ireland. The session was divided into two parts:

Internal Audit

From a quality perspective, Deborah explored the internal quality audit functions available on AdvicePro and how to set feedback and tasks and follow-ups with your team.

  • There are two types of review :

    • Quick review

    • Case review

  • When setting follow up tasks, Deborah notes she typically gives her caseworkers two weeks to action these tasks (this changes depending on work patterns and other factors).

  • These follow ups will appear on the Caseworker's Home page, so there is no missing them!

  • LCNI aims to do Reviews every quarter: "We aim to have at least 200/250 case reviews done per year. A mixture of full reviews and quick reviews. Quick reviews can take 10-15 mins , and full Case reviews can take around 30 mins".

Q: What questions do you use/what are you looking for?

A: We have a clear indication of what our expected level of case recording is and provide this to new starters during their induction. It’s a combination of the Centre's legal obligations (Lexcel), what our funders want, and what we have decided we need.

External Audit

Deborah showed how members could use the teams setting in AdvicePro to ensure their Law Centre was GDPR compliant. She outlined how to set this up and what you could use it for, how to set up an external auditor, how to give read-only access and how to move cases into and out of the external auditor teams.

  • Getting teams set up – only takes a few mins:

    • General Law Centre team

    • External Auditing team

  • Change Case Owner to > LEXCEL auditor

  • Give the auditor read-only access

  • Doesn’t cost anything

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This event took place on 13 September 2021