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Reclaiming Access to Justice Series: Community Lawyering and Movement Building

Call for Contributions

Our future is a collective one, with lawyers working alongside the wider community to achieve meaningful access to justice and bring about social change. This event is an opportunity to think creatively about the future of community lawyering, strategies for movement building, and transformative approaches to law and rights. 

What is the role of the community lawyer in wider social justice movements? How far can rights go in achieving change at an individual and collective level? What are the limits of law and rights, and what can we do when we reach them? How can we collectively and collaboratively organise for change in and beyond the law?

In the final event of the series, we meet in person to discuss how community lawyering can support and be supported by movement building. A short programme of speakers and discussions will precede an informal reception where experiences, ideas and strategies for future collaborations can be shared. We welcome proposals for diverse contributions from academics, practitioners, activists and organizers who are thinking about and working on these issues. These can take a variety of forms including short talks or roundtable discussions, art or performance-based contributions, storytelling. If you would like to propose a contribution, please include a few lines about what you would like to do when you register for the event, and we’ll get back to you.

The deadline to propose contributions is Friday, 27 May 2022.

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This event took place on 30 June 2022